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Produced/Mixed/Engineered/Performed/Mastered: ARV
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Island Fever Music

There ain’t no girl that wants a nice guy
She want a, gangsta, she can’t handle,
That’s gone tell her lies
She don’t care bout no one else, only bout her life
And got a figure I can handle, but can’t grip it right
We dance a little, sip of liquor, yeah I feel the vibe
Laugh a little, kiss a little, damn, what a night
You see her love is my drug, it got me faded like
I been poppin’ pills days at a time just to make this life feel alright
Despite, dealing with the feelings, that been killing me,
I proceed, to be the energy spreading, this positivity
Covering up my own pain that I put away
For another day knowing
That one day I still gotta deal with it
Dissing my own meal tickets
Cause I got no appetite,
I feel so empty
But I know I’ll be alright

You see, her mind is aged like fine wine
And when she's by my side, the time flies by
My mind rewinds, to the good times
I smile so wide, I can't see through my eyes
So tell me what
It's supposed to mean when the feeling
I get with her being next to me,
Is something stronger,
Than what anyone believes
Where would we be
If we didn't trust our own feelings
You know hat feeling you get right in your gut
With a voice saying she's the one
Yeah, she’s second to none
And we got hard times now but the best to come
And I ain't ever gonna say I'm done
Just like this rap shit
The world put it in a package,
Wrapped it put it in a gift basket
With strawberries, pineapples and a letter
Saying that this is all for that past shit
That I put you through,
But this is to a new
Beginning, I needed you to slow down and understand
This is where your life changes so make a stand
Something that is never showing no more
I'm tired of trying be with you
Through closed doors
Just cause they locked the keys
It don't mean
We gotta sit and give up
We can make it through anything
Cuz don't you remember.
This ain't a little fling
This ain't a little fling

Cuz when I’m with you everything feels alright
Why am I spending every single night, with you
Cause I love the sight.

Of true beauty and your vibe is soothing.